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LOPO Projects in Special-shaped Terracotta

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In the architect's drawings, each building features its own unique design language, and its structure and texture shall be matched with facade materials for better expression and interpretation. Behind every smooth arc, every unique geometric separation, every naturally connected dot, and every appropriate turn, such creative ingenuity needs to be supported by precisely designed and produced facade materials. LOPO has been collaborating closely with architects to provide the much-needed support in many complex construction projects, allowing facade materials to perfectly fulfill their special design goals. The following are two of the projects completed in recent years, for which many special-shaped terracotta products were tailor-made.

Project: Southeast Zhihui City (Shijiazhuang, Hebei)


Architects:Jiu Yi Zhuang Cheng Engineering Design Co., Ltd

Terracotta Panels (Natural Finish)

Terracotta Elements (Special Shapes)

This is an Urban Village Renovation Project in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. It is the largest comprehensive renovation project in the city in the past 2 decades. It demolishes the small and shabby buildings with safety risks in the old area of the city and rebuilds them into a small city center. It includes residential and commercial complexes, office buildings, high-rises, foreign-style houses, villas, as well as schools and parks. LOPO China provides facade materials for the residential projects on plots 12#, 13#, and 16#.

Its project design highlights the integration of urban residential structures and green ecological landscape, aiming to create a high-quality urban life. Regarding to the facade, different plots of land draw inspiration from Art Deco and French architectural styles respectively. The building boasts a style with geometric, straight vertical lines, rendering a neat and grandeur tone. To realize the architect's requirements on facade composition and details, LOPO not only chose flat panels, but also designed and produced thirteen different terracotta elements for the project to satisfy the architectural line composition of different areas of the façade. The precise matching of different special-shaped parts adds a sense of rhythm to the building façade and showcases a thriving dynamism.

Southest Smart City.jpg

different terracotta elements for facades.jpg

Tailor-made Terracotta in complex construction projects.jpg

Southeast Zhihui City.jpg

special-shaped parts.jpg

Project: Qiaoxin & Boly Huijing Apartment (Guangzhou, Guangdong)


Architects: SHING & PARTNERS

Terracotta Panels (Combed, Curved)

Terracotta Elements (Special Shape)

Located in the core area of Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, this commercial residential project is positioned as a high-quality luxury commercial residential Project. It covers an area of 64,000 square meters with a plot ratio of 1.6. The residential community also features a large garden of 13,000 square meters, which is designed with a running path surrounded by forest, a courtyard with great dynamism, and a waterfall curtain, mimicking a secret forest in the city.

The building facade adopts the design language of rounded corners and streamlines. It is outlined with silver-gray aluminum panels, and warm-colored terracotta panels fit perfectly with the curtain wall. Together with panoramic system glass doors and windows, it renders a modernist architectural style. To better present the architectural form with rich contours designed by the architect and render finely processed façade details with coherence, LOPO customized five types of terracotta panels, curved panels and terracotta elements for the project. With irregular lines, grooved texture on the surface, and vertically installed curtain wall system, it presents architectural lines in a soft and gentle manner.

Qiaoxin & Boly Huijing Apartment.jpg

Special-shaped Terracotta Product.jpg

Customized Terracotta for rounded corner.jpg

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