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Assembly of Unitized Terracotta Curtain Wall

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There appears an important trend that the curtain walls pre-assembled to an increasing extent are being used in the evolving construction industry. Unitized curtain wall leads this trend.

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Unitized curtain wall is a unit curtain wall that are factory assembled using curtain-wall panels and an extruded aluminum support frame, and that will be directly installed in the main body of a building. A unitized curtain wall is normally a storey high. Unitized curtain wall features several unprecedented advantages, such as being easy to make, highly mechanized, of good quality, quickly and accurately installed.   

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Unitized curtain wall is sized, manufactured and assembled at the workshop based on the building’s storey height. Panels are arranged and installed inside the frame of the unitized curtain wall. The inside of the unitized curtain wall have some connectors used for fixing the unitized curtain wall to the main body of the building. At the construction site, the unitized curtain walls are lifted up and installed one after another to the main body of the building. Each unitized curtain wall is connected with its neighbouring unitized curtain wall by pressing the neighbouring frames against each other to create a sealed support bar.

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As the furnishing materials for unitized curtain walls, the terracotta façade cladding panels are pre-assembled into the unitized curtain walls in the same procedure and process as aluminum panels and stones. The main process is as follows:

1. Assembling the frame bar with a rubber seal

2. Assembling the transverse frame bar with a rubber seal

3. Assembling the vertical frame bar with a rubber seal

4. Assembling the vertical and transverse bars into to form a frame, and installing rubber seals to the frame

5. Installing a base plate

6. Installing a mineral wool and reinforced bars

7. Applying the sealant to the base plate

8. Installing the terracotta panels

9. Completion of the assembly

10. Cleaning and Maintenance

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Terracotta panels is not so hard as other furnishing materials such as stone. Therefore, when assembling the terracotta curtain walls at the factory, High quality EPDM rubber buffer is crucial element. It is necessary to add EPDM gaskets between terracotta panels and aluminum frames and between terracotta panels and the connectors. Furthermore, to avoid damage and stain, it is also necessary to wrap the terracotta panel with a protective film before assembling the panel into the frame.

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