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Terracotta Baguette (Square Cross-section)

Item_No T10010063

Material Natural Clay

Size Diameter for 100 x 100 mm

Usage Shading and Design Elements for Facades

Terracotta Baguette (Square Cross-section) introduction

As a special terracotta cladding product, Terracotta Baguette of square cross-section can be used as shading for buildings or special element for facade. This terracotta sunscreen baguette is of a diameter for 100x100mm, which is used for windowas part of the eaves and the window edge in Quanzhou Geriatric Hospital Renovation Project.Together with Terracotta Panel in the same building, they constitute a harmonious and consistent facade.

This square baguette had been slot-cut and drilled on the backside in advance before installation. LOPO plant can provide those customizedmachining options. Check more information for fixing solutions for terracotta baguettes and project using square terracotta baguette.jpg