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kiln-transmutation terracotta rod

Item_No Kiln-transmutation terracotta rod

Material Terracotta

Size Customized

Usage Facade Decoration

kiln-transmutation terracotta rod introduction

Furnace-transmutation process (a translation of the Chinese term 'yao bian') is one of the traditional ceramic making techniques in China, mainly referring to the natural changes in the color of porcelain caused by changes in kiln conditions during the firing process, such as by controlling the temperature of the kiln. This change causes naturally changes in the color and texture of the porcelain, which is visually pleasing. LOPO China has always been committed to combining traditional Chinese ceramic making technology with modern kiln firing technology to produce more creative products. Kiln-transmutation terracotta rod is one of the facade decoration products customized for Tongchuan Museum. Through this special process, the product undergoes a natural transition in color, not only between ceramic rods, but also on the same ceramic rod.